Being present in the moment

Today we spent a lovely afternoon with my friend and her kids. Watching the children playing and laughing together, reminded me how easy it is to make a child happy. Surrounded by a houseful of expensive, interesting, and varied toys, the kids chose to happily sit on a carpet and draw cars! With the thousands and thousands of types of different toys lining the shelves, different colours, versions, varieties, we are easily duped into thinking that as parents, we need to buy more in order to give our kids the best…

Sometimes we forget that the best for them, is simply our undivided attention. No matter how many innovations and advances there are in technology, nothing will ever replace a mother’s hug or a father’s advice. Quality time spent with one’s children is more than simply investing in them, it’s an act of Ibadah as well! Reminding a child to say ‘Alhamdulillah’ after they sneeze is teaching a Sunnah, or simply smiling at your own children is an act of Sadaqah.

” Our children need our presence more than our presents” Author Unknown


2 thoughts on “Being present in the moment

  1. Just wanted to comment on your blog.. ما شاء الله its very excyting and informative to read thus far.. I look forward to more from you!
    Currently I’m expecting my first baby so will b checking in for some tips in the future as well..
    Keep up d good work..


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