The Flip Side

In my last post, I wrote about how parents celebrate their childrens achievements, however, the flip side is also true. I internalise and take on their pain as well. And it hurts me much deeper than hurts them. 

At times I think I’d like to wrap them up in cotton wool, and cocoon them in a safe, warm, peaceful place, where they will always be protected and never feel pain, and rejection. A place where there’s no disappointment or illness. A place even where scrapped knees, and bumps and bruises don’t exist… But then I realise I’d be depriving them of so many crucial life lessons if indeed their existence on Earth was pure perfection.

It is in times of difficulty and hardship, that we are more prone to raise our hands in duaa to Allaah Ar-Rahmaan, and beg for His Mercy. Life in the Dunya was never meant to be without trial. And while it might sound harsh, it is better for children to learn this lesson earlier rather than later in life. For them to acknowledge that our lives, our souls, our next breath is all in the Control of a Supreme Master. 

When life is disappointing and difficult, as it sometimes will be, use that as a opportunity to remind them about the beauty and perfection of Jannah. Use it as an opportunity to inspire them to strive harder, to put their faith in Allaah and to teach them that the ultimate goal should be striving for, and earning Allaah’s pleasure! 

Allaah says in the Holy Quraan “Verily after hardship comes ease” (94:5) No difficulty or test will last forever. 

May Allaah always protect our children from the trials of the dunya, and grant them sukoon(peace) and khair(goodness) always!


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