Moments in time…

When you first announce your pregnancy, you find yourself inundated with advices, do’s and don’t’s, what to expect… One thing that I never quite grasped until my baby was actually in my arms, was the overwhelming surge of pride you feel. Proud that Allaah has chosen me to be that baby’s mother, that Allaah has entrusted me with something so exquisite, so precious!

As a woman, who pre-motherhood, had studied and travelled, I thought I had a small idea of what success and accomplishment feels like. However, this pales in comparison to that surge of joy you feel when your child achieves something, no matter how small.

That first step that your baby takes is more significant than the A you received on a maths test. The first time your preschooler recites Surah Fatiha is more news-worthy than you passing your drivers licence test. That feeling of satisfaction you feel when your employer compliments you on a job well done, is nothing compared to the joy you feel when your childs teacher compliments you!

Yes, at times, motherhood is an exhausting, demanding, never-ending job, where you simply have to keep going, 24/7… But then there’s moments of such pure exquisite exhilaration, it makes it all worthwhile.

It’s in moments like these, that I pray to Allaah to guide me always, to be able to fulfil this great responsibility He has entrusted me with. And its in moments like these I thank Allaah for my own beloved mother, and come to the realisation that no amount of thank yous, jazakallahs, and shukrans would ever be enough to repay her for all she has done for me. So instead I pray to Allaah and ask Him, to admit her into Jannah, and bless her and all the dedicated mothers of this ummah with the best in the Aakhirah, because ultimately that is where true success lies, InshaAllah!


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