Sabr and Shukr

Two of my uncles were involved in separate horrible accidents in the last few weeks. It is only by the grace of Allaah that they survived what could have otherwise been fatal. These incidents put into sharp perspective, how truly fragile life is, how precious every moment is… And how much of it we waste being ungrateful…

Complaining about bad weather, about the neighbours dog who never stops barking, about the kids not wanting to clear away their toys, about the muffins from this bakery not being as nice as the muffins from the other bakery. This is another list that goes on and on.

Instead, we should be so thankful that we have jackets and warm blankets, that we even have a home, that Allaah has blessed us with children, that we can afford food.

All of these random, rambling thoughts have given rise to the idea of another Ramadaan project. The kids and I are going to start a shared Ramadaan journal entitled ’30 days of Shukr’ where we will everyday list at least 2 things that we’re grateful for. Little Man is quite excited about it although I’m not sure whether Little Missy understands the concept but we’ll give it a try anyways. Ramadaan is the best time to instill new habits, and InshaAllah, this will teach us all to make more Shukr for innumerable blessings Allaah Ar-Rahmaan has bestowed upon us.

“Sabr and Shukr are wonderful things, the praises to Allaah we should always sing. When things are right, its from Him, not me. And when they are tough we get through patiently” Lyrics, Zain Bhika Nasheed.

P.S: Request for duaas for my uncles and their families.


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