First Suhoor 1434

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “Take (the meal of) suhoor because there is blessing in it.” (Hadith – Buhkari & Muslim) 

Very early this morning we rose for Suhoor, and prepared a simple meal of porridge, toast and cheese, and fruit, and as a special treat for Little Man, a cup of hot chocolate. As we ate, at times fatigue, and the unfamiliar routine found us all eating in silence. It was in these moments, that I felt a very strong bond between my young family.

As a family, we shunned sleep, to observe a great sunnah, to assist us to carry out a beautiful fard. Ramadaan is special for many reasons, but an added advantage is that it helps to re-focus the family as well. Spending more than the usual amount of time together, setting up new routines, which do eventually become Ramadaan family traditions, eating, fasting, praying together.

Later on, as we waited for Fajr athaan, Little Man stood at the window looking out at a peaceful world, and said something so profound, ‘Everything seems so quiet and calm in Ramadaan, even the air is like, sweeter.’ I found myself smiling and agreeing wholeheartedly. A few seconds later the athaan began, and as I listened to the words which every muslim knows, it struck a chord… How simple it all really is! 

Hayya ‘ala-l-Falah, Come to success, Come to Allaah.

May this Ramadaan and all our lives be filled with the calm and ‘sweetness’ of Islam.


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