Q and A

While there are many very densely populated muslim neighbourhoods in South Africa, unfortunately due to my husbands work, we don’t live in one of those areas. As a result this has presented many challenges, not least of which is that, Little Man attends a school where there are only a handful of muslim students. Often times he has to answer questions about Islam asked by his peers and sometimes even by his teachers. 

I’ll admit that at first I found this disconcerting, not sure how he would react being singled-out, but seeing how confident and willing he was to answer their questions, made me change my mind. Teaching children about our religion and beliefs is most definitely important, but of equal importance is to teach them how to convey and present our religion in the best way possible. It showed me how easy it is to give dawah to others, and even if they never accept Islam, it might just help to disperse so many misconceptions that people have about our Deen.

Today, the schools reopen after a 3 week winter holiday. So, during the weekend, we spent some time asking each other questions, and trying to find the simplest answers with regards to Ramadaan and why muslims fast. 

On another note, Little Miss and I are missing him, the house seems so quiet and empty without him!


2 thoughts on “Q and A

  1. Slms..a lovely blog indeed. This one I totally relate to! We live in a small town with a small population of muslims…3 in my sons entire montessori..and yes we do have to think abt things tht others in muslim schools/areas don’t have to consider- I have a light-hearted article on this coming up on my blog soon:D ….keep up the wondeful work! May Allah swt accept all ur efforts ! Ameen:)


    1. Wa alaykum salaam, jazakallah for your kind words!
      Yes, life with children presents many challenges but also many moments of unexpected laughter. Its never dull, that’s for sure!
      I’m looking forward to your post, and ameen to your duaas. ♡


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