Real Love

Real Love

I had imagined I knew what romance was, until I got married, and realised that its not always in the grand gestures of fancy dinners and bouquets of roses, romance is also in the quiet moments when you hold hands, and he thanks you for a wonderful meal, or thanks you for efforts in raising your children…

I thought I knew what dedication and devotion felt like, until I sat up all night comforting a sick baby, making duaa, or consoling a heartbroken toddler over a lost toy, and then frantically searched for it…

As i have grown i have found my definition of love has changed, evolved. I know now what it feels like to love with all my heart, and soul, with my every breathe, and there is no greater love than to love Allaah above all else! Loving Allaah means acknowledging Him in every aspect of your life, perservering to follow and obey His commands, and realising that every detail of your life has been a blessing from Him. Loving Allaah and wanting to earn His pleasure, helps me to be a better daughter, wife, sister, mother, and in the end a better person, Insha-Allah. It is a love for Allaah and a desire to follow His commands that guides my actions.  And as amazing as it is to love, its even better to feel loved, by my husband, my children, my parents, my family…

And ultimately to feel Allaah’s love, through the numerous blessings He has bestowed on me, for every dua He has answered, for blessing me with Eemaan and the priviledge of learning about Him, now that is having everything! Even when i divert from the path He has commanded, when I disobey, and am floundering, overwhelmed, and confused, His love, and mercy and guidance never fail me. Allaah has never deserted me, regardless of the numerous times I have turned my back on Him. That is Real Love!
When a man asked the prophet, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, “O Messenger of Allah, when will the Day of Judgment be?”, the Prophet (SAW) replied, “What have you prepared for it?” he said, “I have not prepared for it a great deal of prayer, fasting nor charity, but I love Allah and His Messenger intensely,” the Prophet(SAW) said, “You will be with those whom you love.”  (Al-Bukhari)

InshaAllah! Ameen ♡


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