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Conversations with a Pre-schooler

At times the incessant never-ending chatter of a pre-schooler can get tedious, but when you actually think about it, its really because they have such a natural adventurous spirit, an insatiable, seemingly unquenchable thirst for knowledge. We can either tell them to be quiet,and allow their fascination and curiosity to wither away, or we could feed this desire to learn, and to know, and to question.

Allowing them to explore and experience is the only wayto stimulate a love for learning. Acknowledging the question and patiently answering the one hundred ‘but why’s?’ that follow is not always convenient, but always presents an opportunity to fill their minds with more wonder.

Conversations with a pre-schooler is the favourite part of my day, and often follows an unpredictable, but always interesting pattern…

Missy: ‘Mummy, let’s go for a walk’

Me: ‘Okay, let’s go’

Missy: ‘Oooh ooh look at that bird! Its gone into that tree! ‘Why does that tree look like a carrot?”Do carrots grow on trees?’

Me:’No, they grow underground’

Missy: ‘What else grows underground?’

Me: ‘Potatoes…’

Missy: ‘Oh, I want chips for lunch’

Me: ‘Okay, we’ll decide later’

Missy: ‘Can we make chocolate cake after lunch?’

Me: ‘No, not today. We have lessons this afternoon’

Missy: ‘What are we going to learn about?’

Me: ‘Nabi Yunus (a.s) and how he was swallowed by a whale’

Missy: ‘Are whales bigger than sharks?’

Me: ‘Yes, they are’

Missy: ‘How do they blow water out of their heads? They look like fountains! Do you remember the fountain we saw at the mall?’

Me: ‘Yes, I do’

Missy: ‘When are we going to the mall?’

Me: ‘Maybe just before Eid, when we go to buy Eid presents’

Missy: ‘Yay! What are you going to buy me?’

Me: ‘I haven’t decided yet’

Missy: ‘Oh look that bird is back’


“There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.” -W. Streightiff

If my kids are anything to go by, that is one of the truest statements ever spoken!Image


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