An Ideal Ramadaan

Before Ramadaan began, I had tried to get as organised as possible. I had envisioned a Ramadaan where the kids would be happily doing crafts, while I’d be reading my Quraan. I imagined them lazing on the couch reading their books, with nasheeds playing in the background, while I prepared Iftaar. I had looked forward to going to the whole family preparing for Taraweeh together, and performing salaah in congregation, while listening to the recital of the Quraan.

But reality presented something else…

I would have to leave my Quraan to sort out an argument over the blue glitter glue, and then sharpen the orange colour pencil and then open a box of star stickers and then rush to get a plaster when one of my Little People accidently cut themselves with a blunt-nose scissors that is so blunt it doesn’t even cut paper!

As for preparing Iftaar calmly, that’s not happened yet. Instead its been a mad dash to get everything ready on time! Immediately after madressa, starting with school homework, shouting out spelling from the kitchen, while remembering to take the pies out of the oven only just in time!

I have as yet, not performed Taraweeh in the musjid! Little Miss is still recovering from her second bout of bronchitis in as many months, and being in the midst of winter, I thought it best not to take her out into the cold at night, so instead most nights I have stood at the doorway and made salaam with my husband and son as they left for the musjid, while I performed salaah at home.  

Speaking to friend this morning, I know that these experiences and ‘disappointments’ of Ramadaan are not uniquely mine, but they’re shared by many mums. My friend was breastfeeding her little boy and so completely missed Suhoor today. She later sent me a message that had been forwarded to her… 

Recommended to mother’s with young children….

•The moment you say “Allah hu Akbar to start your solat,your young children cries for your attention and you have to rush through,Allah knows.

•The moment you sit down to read Quran,your children quarrel,fall down or demand for your attention and you have to put down your Quran to tend to them,Allah knows 

•The moment you want to break your fast,your children poo,pee or spill something and you need to wash them up,and you leave your food and drinks,Allah knows.        

•The moment you step into masjied,your children have meltdowns and you have to leave in embarrassment so you don’t disturb others,Allah knows.              

•The moment you want to donate that extra cash for charity,your children fall ill or need extra stuff for school,so you spend it on their needs instead,Allah knows.               

•The moment you want to attend a halaqah or islamic class, no one helps to take care of your children and you have to give it a miss,Allah knows.

•The moment you sleep early with the niyyah(intention)you going to wake up early for fajr,your children keep you awake all night with their crankiness or asks to be breast fed, Allah knows.                              

•ALLAH knows everything and your intentions,don’t feel distressed,because Allah has rewarded you for your intentions. Remember ALLAH gives his highest mercy to mothers…Alhamdulilah!                

Pass this on to mothers who has young children to keep their hearts and spirits strong.


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