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Kids Eid Fun

ImageWe’re just about halfway through Ramadaan, and the kids are starting to get excited about Eid! Before Ramadaan, we do lots of crafts, and we do so in the build-up to Eid as well. Although for Eid we concentrate more on making Eid cards, or even little homemade gifts for friends and family.

One gift that’s always always a hit, is what we call ‘Smiles in a Bottle’. Get a medium sized glass jar(We recycle old mayonnaise bottles) and measure out the dry ingredients for a cupcake batter. Write out a little recipe card, let the kids decorate it, and attach it to the top of the bottle with a pretty ribbon.

Another idea I found is a decorative chalk-salt bottle. Place a few teaspoons of salt on a page, rub a coloured chalk around lightly in the salt. The colour of the salt will change as it mixes with fine dust from the chalk. Tip the salt into a small glass container. Continue with a different colour, until you have a pretty rainbow effect. For photo-instructions click here

When it comes to gifts for little people, sweets and chocolates always win hands down 😀And especially for those who’d been fasting, they certainly deserve a treat! A really fun idea I found online was to wrap a sheet of yellow coloured paper around a round bar of chocolate, then to top it with a pink strip, and a small pink circle, to resemble a pencil. The writing tip of the pencil can be a ‘Hershey Kiss’ or any other individual sweet wrapped in foil. Or a container made from ice-cream sticks glued together and filled with treats!

For the Eid cards, there are so many different ideas, the options really are endless! Some of the favourites include a mosaic of a mosque with a prominent Minaret and Dome, or a mosaic of balloons to convey the celebratory atmosphere of the day. A new idea I came up with this year, is a twist on an old favourite. Kids love drawing out their handprints, so we did that in a different manner. We drew the hands ‘upside down’ where the pinky fingers are touching. The hands are drawn without spaces between the fingers, and then cut out the 2 adjoining hands as one piece, so that when folded in half it resembles a the hands of a person making duaa. Inside you can print out an Eid dua. Another idea would be to decorate the card with henna(mehndi) patterns, like the ones in the photo. These were made by Little Miss. The little girls especially love this!

There’s so many great crafts! What do you and your kids do? Share your ideas 🙂

Have fun!


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