Rainbow People


Living in a very multi-cultural multi-racial community, among and interacting with people of diverse backgrounds, I was under the impression that children who grow up in these environments don’t see skin colour. This was proven so wrong! Little Miss has many friends of many different nationalities, and has never mentioned anything regarding the different skin colours until this morning.

We were going out for our usual walk, holding hands when she suddenly turned to me,looked at our entwined hands, and asked “Why is your hand more white, and my hand more brown, and some of my friends are more whiter and some are more browner?”

To say I was very taken aback would be a huge understatement!

Luckily though this conversation happened while we were outdoors, and Allah guided me to explain in a lovely manner. I pointed out the different colours of the flowers, red and pink and yellow and blue. I said in the same manner that Allah had created the flowers in different colours and each and every one is beautiful, so too He made people differently, and so too each and every one is beautiful! This explanation went down very well. She immediately responded by saying, “I know they’re all pretty people, but I was just asking why.”

I said, ” Allah is Al-Khaliq, the Creator of all things, and this is the way He made us, different but same.”

Later on, she said, she’s glad there’s many different colour people in the world. And I realised that while children do see skin colour, they have absolutely no inborn prejudice. To a child noticing skin colour is the same as looking at the colours on a butterfly’s wings, or the flowers in a garden or a rainbow! I hope and pray that that beautiful ability to look at and recognise beauty in all of Allah’s creations, lasts long into adulthood!


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