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Book Review – The Great Caliphs

Book Review - The Great Caliphs

So, at the beginning of Ramadaan, the Little people, had to choose a book for our Ramadaan reading, and the book they chose is called ‘The Great Caliphs’ We’ve just finished reading it…

While the illustration and colours might speak to a younger, perhaps pre-school aged child, some of the language and words were certainly difficult for the kids to grasp. Often times, after reading a paragraph or two, I had to stop to explain what it meant, or the kids would regularly interrupt with questions to clarify things they did not understand.
That being said though, it was a beautiful read!

One of my favourite parts was hearing Little Man say, at the end of each chapter “That was amazing/incredible/awesome! He’s my favourite sahaba. I want to be just like him.” Only to hear him repeat that exact sentiment at the end of the each successive chapter.

This was really heart-warming.

In a world every little boy is going to have a dose of Spiderman, and Superman, and Iron-Man, its really important to instill in our children a love and appreciation for real superheroes. Men and women who exemplify loyalty, and honour, and faith, and courage, and dignity, and humility, and bravery, and strenght. May Allaah guide us all! Ameen ♡


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