Ramadaan Resolution

This year, I was quite determined not to spend much of Ramadaan, walking around malls looking for Eid clothes and gifts, so I had decided to buy most of what I needed before Ramadaan even began. I cleverly thought buying a size bigger would be appropriate, so when Eid came around, it would fit perfectly! Obviously I forgot to factor in that Little Miss is so tiny for her age, so everything I bought is still too big!

When I got over my irritation with myself, I steeled my nerves and braced myself for an arduous day at the mall. Stepping into the most comfortable albeit slightly shabby pair of shoes I own, strapping on my handbag, I was ready for battle!

…Only to find almost all that I needed in the first store I entered! Ah, the relief! That was one thing off the list. Next was the toy store, and I entered it feeling cautiously optimistic, and to my utter delight, I found things that not only came in UNDER budget, but that I’m sure the kids are going to love as well. I honestly think this was the first shopping expedition I actually enjoyed!

It made me think of how we view life; expecting things to be a certain way, and they turn out differently we are disappointed. And when we have no expectations, every little bit of ease is viewed as a wonderful blessing! I realised how much time and energy is wasted being upset over un-met expectations, whether these are of people, of our children, of the weather! Without expectations, there is room for positive surprises.  

My newest resolution: Instead of placing so much importance on the way we want things to be, remove the expectations and assumptions and learn to appreciate every wonderful little surprise! In-sha-allaah! Ameen! ♡  


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