Endings and Beginnings

Little Man said today, ‘I’m so sad Ramadaan is ending, but I’m so excited for Eid’. 

When I asked him why he was sad to see Ramadaan go, his answer wasn’t surprising. He said he loved hearing the Quraan so often, seeing the musjid so full, everybody dressing in kurtas(thobes), looking and acting muslim…but he was excited about new clothes, and gifts, and family, and friends, and yummy food!

I tried to explain that this another reason why Ramadaan is indeed so special! It gives US a chance to see what WE are capable of, and InshaAllah, instead of feeling sad, we should look at this as a new challenge. To do more, to work harder, to be better, not only in Ramadaan, but remind ourselves to do this all-year round. This should not be an ending of our good actions, but a beginning to commit ourselves to be better. In these last fleeting moments of this blessed month, we should look to renewing our efforts to better ourselves for the long term.

While my little guy still has a long way to go to realise this, that single statement is indicative of almost every life journey.

Excitement at the thought of starting school, and yet nervous about being away from Mum. Then anticipation of beginning high school, while reluctance at leaving the familiarity of primary school surroundings, teachers, and friends. Later still, for those who leave home to study at university, again simultaneously excited about the new chapter about to begin, yet unsure about managing without the comforts of home, in a new town. As an adult, the joy of an anticipated nikaah, and the worry of fulfilling that responsibilty. As a bride, the happiness of finding love, and the sadness of leaving your parents home. As an expecting mother, the impatience of wanting to meet your newborn baby, coupled with the anxiety of wondering whether you’ll do justice to the title of mother!

Life as a whole… Looking forward to the incredible, unimaginable perfection of Jannah, while absolute fear at leaving this world! These contradictory emotions are mostly a combination of our fear of the unknown future, or a lack of confidence in our preparations, and our own abilities. All we need is faith! To believe that Allaah is always by our side, watching, guiding, and protecting us. 


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