Bonus Day

In South Africa, we will only be celebrating Eid on Friday, 9 August 2013, InShaAllah. We have a few more blessed hours to make Duaa.

After asking a few children what they enjoyed most about Ramadaan, what they did that made them feel happy, and proud and what it was that they would miss most, I compiled the following dua, based on their answers. Hopefully, many other children would be able to relate to it, and even benefit from it InShaAllah!

Oh Allaah! We thank you for choosing us as muslims.

Oh Allaah! We thank you for blessing us with this beautiful month.

Oh Allaah! We ask that you accept our good deeds and forgive our sins.

Oh Allaah! Allow us to see another Ramadaan next year.

Oh Allaah! Next year, when we are a little bigger and a little stronger, we will try to keep more fasts and we will try to make more taraweeh salaah. Help us Oh Allaah!

Oh Allaah! From this Ramadaan to the next, help us to learn more, and to be learn to read the Quraan, so that next year InShaAllah, when mummy and daddy are reading Quraan, we can read with them.

Oh Allaah! Guide our little hearts.

Oh Allaah! Let us grow up to be strong, proud muslims who live according to the Quraan and Sunnah.

Oh Allaah! I love Nabi(SAW) so much, please allow me to meet him in Jannah!

Oh Allaah! I love You so much, please accept my duaas!

Ameen, Ya Rabb! 


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