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A Day of Celebrations

ImageWe rose early before Fajr salaah, and made zikr until athaan. Then prayed fajr, and as is tradition in our family, I went into the kitchen, and began frying samoosas, and making Eid milk ( A warm sweetened, milky drink with almond flakes, cardamon powder, and vermicelli ) Soon after Little Miss woke, and the first thing she said was, ” I smell samoosas and Itr” And that’s usually what our home smells like on Eid morning.

Quite unexpectedly, the skies turned a moody dark grey, with rumbling thunder, and flashes of lightning! And so, once again, I waved goodbye to Husband and Little Man, as they left for Eid Salaah, while Little Miss and I stayed home. We blew balloons, cleaned up, set the table, cooked the food, and got ourselves ready. All the while we had the radio on, and contented ourselves with listening to the different Eid programmes around the country, and reciting the takbeer with as much gusto as we could muster. I’m sure our neighbours were quite surprised to hear ‘singing’ so early in the morning. When Husband and Little Man, arrived back from the musjid, we ate a delicious breakfast! 

Then Husband and I surprised the kids with their Eid gifts, and the sheer pleasure and excitement of the moment tugged at my heartstrings! Their gratitude and constant shouting ‘This is so nice’ ‘I l really really REALY love this’ ‘Thank you Mummy, thank you Daddy’ was so sincere, it was so joyous! Alhamdulillah!!!

Thereafter, we went to visit some friends and their home was also so festive. Their kids had painted a huge banner, and it was draped across the entrance of the house. With children in a home, there is NO way, that the gloomy weather would be able to dampen the spirit and joy of Eid. 

Our next stop was to my Aunt’s home. This was truly the highlight of my day. My cousins, some of whom I hadn’t seen in years, were there with their families as well. Another Uncle and Aunt, and their young children joined us as well. The house was full of laughter, food, and re-connecting with family. Reminiscing over the past, while watching our children being introduced to each other, and forming bonds that will last into the future. Ultimately this is what this blessed day is about! The people we love, who love us back, and rejoicing in unison, over the completion of a month of sacrifice, gathering to celebrate and be thankful for the many blessings Allaah has bestowed upon us. And while I missed my parents, and siblings terribly, especially today, I am thankful for a wonderful caring extended family!

To finish of, an already beautiful day, on the way home, the sun peeped through the clouds, and there was a gorgeous rainbow spreading its colours across a gloomy sky. A truly profound reminder… No matter how gloomy, and bleak the forecasts are, Allaah’s Rahma and Mercy can still be found. For as long as you search for it and believe in it, it will be there!

P.S: Hope you and your loved ones had a beautiful, blessed day as well. ♡  

P.P.S: Special duaas for my Uncle, who has just had a hip replacement operation, and for all those who are unwell. May Allaah grant them all shifaa InShaAllah!


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