Family Flavours

Mealtimes at my home have become very interesting affairs. Both Little people have developed very sudden likes and dislikes, some are more exaggerated than others! For example, Little Man absolutely refuses to eat tomatoes! He will pick them out of salads and pastas, off pizzas, fish them out of burgers! His other aversion is red peppers. This one I’m a little confused about. He has no dislike of green or yellow peppers, just red peppers. Husband thinks he’s just making sure they’re not tomatoes.

Little Miss on the other hand refuses to eat eggs! At one point I assumed that she didn’t like scrambled eggs, so I tried giving her regular sunny-side up, which she turned away. But I was determined, so I persisted, boiled eggs, omelettes, fratatas, there was ONE type that she would eat… NOT!

So now at breakfast, the kids simply swop out eggs and tomatoes with each other. And while the one child loves Coco-pops, the other won’t eat it! One loves pineapple juice, the other insists on good ol’ OJ only. One wants peanut butter with strawberry jam, the other prefers peanut butter with maple syrup. Unfortunately for me, this picky-ness even extends to desserts. One loves cheesecake, the other cant stand it. Same applies to frozen yoghurt ( this one I have to admit made me question whether this child was biologically mine!) This was quickly dispelled by both kids preferance for spicy food. It must have something to do with Indian genetics here! Even more curiously, both kids enjoy foods most other children would turn their noses up at. Foods like broccoli, spinach, olives or avocado, they ask for seconds!

And it doesn’t end there, I prefer wholewheat bread, while the rest of the family likes White Bread. Husband has coffee, I have tea, Little Man has hot chocolate and Little Miss has rooibos with honey! Sometimes for just a family of four, our daily menu has so many variations and options, it might as well be a diner. And yes, I know its only because I indulge the preferences but at least I know that they’re eating well.

We’ve had more than our fair share of mealtime meltdowns, and if I’ve learned one thing its that sometimes, a parent has to be more flexible. Is it really so bad if they don’t like peas? At the end of the day, all I want is for them to eat well, be healthy, and grow up strong, work hard, live well, and be appreciative of the many blessings that have been bestowed upon them. If either of them, miss out on a mushroom and feta omellete, well then more for me, right? Nobody ever thanked their parents for force-feeding them vegetables, in an acceptance speech, when receiving awards for great and noble works…


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