I remember a time when a handbag was just that, a fashionable accessory. It contained all the wonderful feminine whimsies. Perfume samples, make-up, a variety of lipsticks, gloss, a mini-handbag sized hairbrush, extra hairbands, moisturiser samples, wallet, phone, keys… Those days are long gone!

Then with a newborn baby, I had to lug baby, handbag, nappy bag, and sometimes also the pram! One of those had to go, I only have 2 hands! It was my handbag, it felt like the ultimate sacrifice! For a few years, the most basic necessities were shoved into a small side compartment of the nappy bag. Moisturisers were completely left out, in favour of baby bum cream, perfume samples were long finished, and replaced with baby cologne, make-up disappeared completely, wallet , phone and keys were shoved in next to the wetwipes, under a spare bib. 

Now another few years later, toilet training accomplished, I have my beloved bags back! But before you get happy for me, let me update the list of contents currently. A single lip-balm, a hairbrush and lots of little flowery/butterfly hairbands(for Little Miss), colouring-in books and crayons, a travel-size pack of biscuits, a half-eaten box of smarties, lots of random receipt slips, plasters with monster truck designs, still have the wetwipes, tissues, a few lego blocks (don’t know why), tokens for video games arcade, 4 plastic spoons from our last ice-cream outing at Wakaberry, extra hijab pins(an absolute must with kids), a pair of Little Man’s socks (?) and waterless germ-killing hand cleanser!

The story of the handbag in my life, is thus far, is a good metaphor for the journey of parenthood I’ve travelled until now. I realise now how flimsy and superficial life was then. I would happily lug lego blocks and plastic spoons from the mall to school to home to the park, in exchange for the wonderful new world of midnight giggles, and finger paints, of re-learning nursery rhymes and taking time out to inspect a birds nest. I realise too, how bland and predictable things were back then. I’d much rather have socks in my bag and spontaneous fun! 

Alhamdulillah, children bring such colour, music, joy, texture, richness to life! They truly are the greatest blessings I have been bestowed with. But with that priveledge comes responsibility that I hope I can live up to! 


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