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Everyday Thank Yous!

At the beginning of Ramadaan, the kids and I started a shared Ramadaan journal, entitled ’30 Days of Shukr’ where everyday, we’d make a note of things that we’re grateful to have been blessed with. Things that we usually take for granted, and forget to thank Allaah for. I wasn’t sure if Little Miss would understand the concept, but yet again I have been proven wrong, and I’m happy about that!

Some of the things that Little Miss was grateful for, were a bit predictable, but others surpassed my expectations. Once again, showing me that I shouldn’t project my assumptions onto my children. Her list included sweets, chocolates, play-doh, and toys. But also stars at night; apparently she likes looking at the stars while lying in bed, and being grateful for medicine; if you’ve been following this blog, you’d know she was battling a really bad bout of bronchitis. She was grateful for colours, and commented on how amazing Allaah must be, if HE made everything so amazing! 

Little Man also had some predictable choices, such as toys and games. But he too, was grateful for some very personal and touching blessings. He was grateful for a nice, clean, safe musjid where he could learn the Quraan, for having warm clothes in the midst of winter, his own bedroom and not having to fear bomb or rocket attacks in the dead of night. He was grateful for family, his little sister, his cousins and friends. Realising that people are the some of the greatest blessings ever. On the days he was fasting, his choices inevitably were food-related, and some of those included, clean water, burgers, pizzas, pineapples and samoosas!

I began this project in the hope of teaching the children the meaning of Shukr, but I have to admit some days were a real learning experience for me too. It helped me to refocus and realign and realize how much barakah Allaah has truly bestowed on us, and how much I take for granted. The phrase ‘Count your blessings’ sounds simple enough, but when you actually task yourself with sitting down with a pen and paper and actually listing them, it can be a bit overwhelming at times. 

The best part of it is that this mental alertness to search out and mention things we are grateful for hasn’t stopped at the end of Ramadaan, its become a natural habit now, Alhamdulillah. For example at a family wedding this weekend, Little Miss mentioned how lucky we were to see the pretty flowers that Allaah had created, and on the way home, Little Man said, we were lucky to have our own car to travel in and not have to wait and rely on public transport. This is such a beautiful way to look at the world, and essentially a necessity for every muslim to realise and accept that every moment of goodness in purely from Allaah alone!

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