Spring is in the air

Woke up this morning to a bright sun-shiny day. Opened the windows and was almost knocked off my feet by the intoxicating scent of a jasmin bush almost 6 houses down the road. This means spring is almost here! It made me so happy, I was smiling all through the day, already started planning picnics, and outings to parks, swimming days, and braais on summer nights. 

Its got me thinking of how much has changed from last spring to this one. People we loved have left this world; kids have gotten taller, learnt more words, read bigger books, ride bikes without training wheels; new babies have been born, bringing with them new love; people have changed jobs, towns, countries; wars have started in so many places, so much destruction and heartache; and yet other people have mended relationships, parents talking to their children again, siblings finding each other and reconnecting; weddings and the beginnings of new happily-ever-afters.

And through it all, some things never change! Spring still comes after winter, the sun still rises after the night, life goes on as it always does. And it will continue to go on, until Qiyaamah. This got me thinking about a lesson to teach the Little people. While talking about the afterlife and the end of this world can be scary and daunting, for now I think I will focus the lesson more on being reunited with those we loved and lost, on being eternally happy, on the unimaginable beauty of Jannah, on the ultimate priviledge of meeting Nabi(saw) and the sahaba, and InShaAllah, meeting Allaah!!! 

Because Allaah loves us He told us what happens after death, makes our hearts rest with peace, reassured on our brothers & sisters who already passed away. InShaAllah in Jannah. Ameen 

Always reminding children that this life is simply a stopover onto the next reinforces so many different Islamic concepts, and best of all, is a reminder to me! In the same way, that the flowers will bloom again after icy days, the Aakhirah will be a soothing balm after the trials of this world. 


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