One of a kind

My Little people have lately become quite enamoured with the minions from the ‘Despicable Me’ movies. All the small yellow creatures who at first glance look the same, babbling away in an undecipherable manner, laughing, giggling, falling, fighting, then laughing again!

Except for the ‘yellow’ that may have been a description of children! A classroom full of Little people would look much like the minions…Until you take time to look at each individual. There’s so many differences, some subtle, others more pronounced. One might be a extrovert, always wanting the spotlight, another is shy in crowds but loves one on one interaction. There may be one who enjoys playing in mud and collecting bugs, while another prefers to sit indoors and create colourful painting masterpieces (Hopefully on paper, not on the walls) There may yet be one who prefers getting lost in the words of a book, and another who would like nothing more than a game of cricket.

And when you get to know a particular child, and see what makes their world tick, suddenly that undecipherable babbling becomes clear articulate reasoning. 

Just realised that I haven’t yet, on this blog, mentioned that I run a small home-based daycare and I am also a madressa(Islamic lessons) teacher. And it has truly been a blessing albeit a very unexpected, surprising one. I’d never imagined myself as a teacher, yet Allaah had planned this for me. Seeing how different families behave, interact, and raise their children has been such a priviledge being able to share a small part of so many precious little lives! Some days I need the panados, and others I need extra large doses of patience, but I most certainly enjoy it! And one thing I’ve learnt is that with children, there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ instead each and every one is so beautifully unique, and individually different… For sure, one in a million, or is that minion?!  Image


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