In the Shade

In the Shade

We spent a beautiful sunny Sunday morning in the park. Kids running around, kicking a ball, adults chatting, jogging, enjoying the outdoors.

Little Miss especially loved the birds. Watching them take flight and then gently landing, only to be startled and flutter off again. We naturally had to follow them all over the park!

Eventually, I was exhausted, and found a lovely spot under a beautiful tree. One of my favourite things is looking up at the deep blue sky while standing in the shade of a tree. Seeing the vivid colours interspersed and the new spring branches heavy with blooms and buds, against the background of a never ending sky, there can be no denial of the Creator, in moments of such serene yet simplistic pleasure.

Little Miss commented on how cool it was in the shade compared to being in the sun. I reminded her of our lesson about the Day of Qiyaamah, and how on that day, we will be standing under the burning sun. The only shade available will be under the Throne of Allaah. InShaAllah, on that day too, Allaah will be pleased with us, and admit us into the that shade! Ameen!


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