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Quraan Party

Yesterday in Madressa we had a little party for 2 very special children, who have both just started Quraan Alhamdulillah! What a beautiful moment it was for me as a teacher, having watched them progress from the first recognition of the arabic alphabet, to the formation of words, through to the rules of tajweed, and now fluently reciting the words of Allaah.

While some might question the ‘legality’ and think the phrase ‘Quraan party’ is something of an oxymoron, the reasoning is quite logical. As parents, we celebrate every other milestone in our childrens lives, the day they’re born, the first time they crawl, walk, talk, the first day of school. Why then, not celebrate the day they start Quraan? This would be day they start reading the words of Allaah, Al-Khaliq, the Creator. InShaAllah, it will be the beginning of a life-long devotion to the Guide for all mankind. This is a moment that helps guide all their worldly actions, and helps them achieve true eternal success. To me, its a day for celebration!

The best part of it was that the kids had no idea of what was about to happen, we started the days lessons as usual, and then parents showed up with sweets, juices and chocolates and I had baked cupcakes. They were each presented with their very first Quraans, and held it so delicately, turning the pages carefully. Their eyes lit up, and the smiles never left their faces. 

They did know, of course that they were going to start Quraan, and had been asked to prepare a duaa for themselves, in relation to the Quraan and what they wanted it to mean to their lives. I was amazed, and emotional, as I heard them recite it!

Here’s the duaa:

‘Bismillah hir rahmaan nir raheem

(In the Name of Allaah, the Most Kind, Most Merciful)

Oh Allaah, let me learn the Quraan of by heart

Let the Quraan be in life forever

And help it to guide me and do good, and stay away from evil

Don’t let Shaytan take the Quraan away from my life

Lock him up far from me, so he does not tell me to do bad

Oh Allaah, the Quraan is Your words and let it be close to my heart

Let it always be a light for me

And allow us all to go Jannah!


And the tears started, mingled with smiles. A beautiful unforgettable moment, Subhanallah!


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