Just another day…

Just another day...

Since nothing spectacular has happened in the last few days, and I haven’t had any emotional or philosophically deep realisations, I don’t have much to write about, and so before I hit a complete writers block, I thought I’d share the normal happenings in my life…
So my day usually begins before sunrise, I wake, make wudhu, and recite Quraan until the Fajr athaan, pray my salaah, and then have a cup of coffee with Husband. This is the only quiet time in my home.
Soon its time to wake Little Man for school, and the usual school rush begins. In South Africa, most, if not all schools have a uniform, so that eliminates the ‘What should I wear?’ drama. I prepare a quick breakfast, while Husband sees to Little Miss, who’s woken up by this time. After the kids eat, Little Man has to go through his morning medication routine, which includes an accuhaler, and a vitamin supplement regime. He’s quite terribly asthmatic, but Alhamdulillah for good doctors, and medication, he’s able to do pretty much everything all other kids his age do.
Husband and Little Miss go to leave him at school. Little Miss is still usually in her pyjamas at this time. I begin cleaning the house, when they arrive back home. Husband has breakfast, and sets off for work.
I get myself and Little Miss dressed and ready for the day, and we usually have just ten minutes free time before the kids start arriving for the playgroup. Then the noise and activity levels multiply drastically, but so does the fun factor. A few hours later, their parents arrive to collect the Little People, and Little Miss usually watches tv, or plays alone for a short while, as I quickly try to prepare supper, then salaah. Then we sit together, go for a walk, read a book, or build a puzzle, before Little Man arrives back from school.
He is quickly followed by the students for madressa. Because of the distance between their homes, my home, and school, most parents drop their kids off here straight from school. The kids usually change out of their uniforms, and into abayas and thobes, and then have a quick lunch, which their parents have packed for them.
Our madressa lessons begin, and are always very fulfilling. A favourite subject is Islamic History, and there’s always many questions asked.
Two hours later, when they leave, Husband arrives back home, and the flurry of activity continues. Asr salaah, Husband helps kids with homework while I finish up supper (or vice versa; we take turns) , eat, Esha salaah, kids bedtime routine.
Add to that Little Miss gymnastics lessons, Little Man’s art lessons and cricket coaching, and extra Quraan lessons on a Saturday morning at the musjid, it takes a good amount of planning and scheduling to keep it all together!
I usually spend some time, after Esha, planning lessons for the next days playgroup and madressa, and then pretty much collapse into bed!
Another busy, but productive, and fulfilling week!
The only variation to this is Friday, Yaum-ul-Jumuah, where I don’t have any classes in the morning, so I have enough time for myself, and to go to the musjid. I keep friday afternoons free as well, so I get to spend quality one-on-one time with Little Man.
Weekends are by contrast, unstructured, unplanned, exciting, and fun-filled!
And that’s my story!


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