Single… for a week

Husband had to travel for work this week, and I was home alone with the kids. The first day or two, was novel and different. Exciting even. But by day three, I was quickly running out of steam.

Having a partner in parenting is such a huge blessing, and like most others, its not one that you stop and be grateful for, unless its not there for a while.

This week hasn’t been too difficult for me, mostly because I know that the end of it, he’ll be home again InShaAllah. But it really has made me look at single parents with such new admiration. Being the only one who has to make all the decisions, take all the responsibility, be in charge of everything all the time!

From doctors appointments, to coaching sport teams, kissing bruised knees, sorting out fights, making sure homework is all done, and still somehow instilling strong Eemaan, and guiding them to the straight path, single parents are amazing. Their patience and level of commitment is quite extraordinary. They do what they must, because they have no choice, and no one else to share the burden with. But still, they manage to do it with such grace. 

And while I can’t understand the depths of difficulty they probably endure, the loneliness, and at times I’m sure even the fear, I congratulate all those dedicated, outstanding, achieving single parents who go the extra thousand miles, and who manage to still raise well-rounded children, who are beautiful inside and out!

Amazingly strong, amazingly courageous, amazingly inspiring! Alhamdulillah! 


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