Flying higher

Flying higher

In an attempt to make learning more interesting for the children, I’ve decided that we should have a theme that we follow every month. In this manner we can read different Quraanic aayah, learn hadeeth, duaas, read stories etc that are all related. This reinforces a concept and makes it easier to absorb. As we know, repetition is sometimes essential when you want to teach a new idea. In this way, there is a certain amount of repetition but also new material. Its proven quite effective for us thus far.

Our theme for this month is ‘Islam and Nature’
Its been a wonderful learning experience thus far. We’re learning about the animals that Nabi(saw) kept in his household, we’ve covered different Quraanic aayahs(verses) where Allaah speaks of the beauty of his creations, and how these are signs for those who believe! We’ve taken walks and looked at different types and colours and shapes of leaves and flowers, the shadows and shapes produced by different trees.
We’re very fortunate to live in an area where there are lots of parks, and gardens and quite close to a river. A part of the area is closed off as a natural bird sanctuary, and so in an attempt to attract more of the birds to out garden, we made a crude bird-bath, by converting one of Little Miss dolls-baths. We filled it with water, and used another as a container for seeds and breadcrumbs. Its been working fantastically! Every morning we wake up to chirping, and watch the birds. Mynahs, blue-garden birds, doves, pigeons, bright-yellow weaver birds, the odd hoopoe, a rare sighting of the grey lorie, and even the larger hadedas.

This morning while watching the birds I realised something. As much as the birds felt safe enough to come into our garden, a few minutes later, they fluttered off and flew away again. And that’s almost exactly what we want for our children! To know that home will always be a safe place to land, where guidance, love and acceptance are a given, but to still have the ability and the courage to spread their wings and soar! To fly further than we ever have, to reach heights that surpass their own expectations, and to have the belief that they’re capable of it.

The Quran, in one of its verses clearly writes of a similitude between humans and birds:
“And there is no animal in the earth, nor a bird that flies on its two wings, but (they are) communities like yourselves.” Holy Quran, chapter 6, verse 38.
An explanation I’ve read of this verse is we should be of the type whose purpose in life is not this world, but the attainment to Allaah’s pleasure. They fly to the heights, and as their wings gain strength and power, they rise higher and higher.

As parents, its part of our responsibility to instill in our children the confidence that they too, are capable of rising higher!


2 thoughts on “Flying higher

  1. Really infotaining post…I too learnt something today! Your idea of teaching Quranic concepts based on a theme is very nice too and is sure to go down well with your kids. If you’re interested do check out my books on Islamic themes for little kids. More here at http://www.lishawrites.com. Also may I suggest that along with the link to your post, please post a couple of lines/paras from your blogpost on your Facebook page so people are attracted to the blog to read your write-up (and not just skim through the FB update or LIKE the picture!). Jazak Allahu Khairan for sharing and may Allah bless you and your family with every goodness and accept all our efforts, Ameen…


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