Learning about Snow in the middle of Summer

Learning about Snow in the middle of Summer

While watching the news earlier this evening, we saw that massive snowfalls have begun in the North. Such an incredible contrast to the heat we’re experiencing at the moment.
The Little People were quite fascinated by this, as we never experience snow here. The closest we came to this was 10 minutes of sleet, a few years ago.

Using this as an opportunity to teach we started looking for pictures of unique ice crystals, and came across this post on my Facebook newsfeed by Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick
“Snow has begun to fall in the North: Another miracle of the Creator” According to the California Institute of Technology, “It is unlikely that any two complex snow crystals, out of all those made over the entire history of the planet, have ever looked completely alike!” How can people still deny the Almighty? Allah says in the Blessed Qur’an, ” He (Allah, the Creator) knows that which goes down into the earth and that which comes out of it; and that which comes down from the Heavens and that which goes up; and He is the Most Merciful and the Most Forgiving. (34:2)” Look at one of these snowflakes!!!”

We also found this webpage that has images of the most BEAUTIFUL ice crystals. http://www.its.caltech.edu/~atomic/snowcrystals/photos/photos.htm

I used this as an opening to teach them another name of Allaah from the Asma-ul-Husna, Al-Jaleel, The Glorious. This is just more evidence of His Glory!

Also used it as an opportunity to teach the kids the following hadeeth:
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty.”
[Sahīh Muslim (911)]

I’ve noticed that at times the most spontaneous lessons are much more successful than those that have been planned and orchestrated. Running with a topic that has grabbed their attention in the moment produces better results. Today was a perfect example of that!


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