Poetry by Moi! · Travels and Holidays


Sleeping in and staying up late

Way past bedtime

Looking at the stars

Climbing trees and making forts with mums linen

Exploring deep dark jungles in our sunny garden

Flying kites

Jumping in puddles

Reading books

Building puzzles

Riding bikes

Catching butterflies

Searching for ufo’s

Painting our faces green so we’re the aliens

Knights with tinfoil armour and broomstick horses


Astronauts rediscovering the surface of the moon in the garage

Growing taller

Running faster

Swimming all day

More books

Baking a cake and fighting over the bowl of icing

Mixing a mudcake and leaving it to bake in the sun

Catching lizards

Shrieking when frogs jump

Painting the shells of snails




Ice cream


Singing songs

Learning rhymes

Old books, new books, baby books, big kid books

Finger paints


Spinning tops

Running, screaming, laughing

Swimming in big pools

Jumping into small puddles

Paper airplanes

Paper boats

Paper kites

Paper… For drawing, writing, painting, scribbling

Melted chocolates

Sugary treats

Sweet memories

Long hot never ending days




Remember summer!!!

Oh to be a child again…

Oh to have a childs summer again!


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