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Overcoming obstacles

‘New Farm Mum’ is a young mother who shares with us the many trials and tests she’s had to face in the past year, and the greatest lessons she’s learnt from it. So many different facets changing so quickly, having to adapt and never lose sight of the goal!

The next time you’re quick to judge remember her story, and ask yourself ‘What else is going on beneath the surface?’ Here’s her story:

What does it mean to be a mother? To me, being a mother means more than just having a baby. It takes up many roles, but it takes a real mother to always put her children first, before herself and I am that type of mother.

I am a young mother of one at the moment, soon to be a mother again as I will be giving birth next month (insha allah ameen).

When I had my first baby, it was love even before I gave birth to her, whilst I was still carrying her, I realized that I was blessed by Allah (swt) with this beautiful and joyous gift.

When my baby was just 15months old and I was still breastfeeding, I then fell pregnant with my second baby. After finding out the good news, my husband decided he wanted to spend more time with us as a family, and so wanted to move closer to work. I said my goodbyes in one town and off we went to a new home and a new town.

Living in this small farm town, there are no malls, no entertainment, not many stores and nothing really to do here but the people in this town are very friendly, always greeting you with a smile, and the views are breathtaking.

Months went by, I was three months pregnant and it was our anniversary, My husband wanted to take me out as a special treat. As we were travelling I had a sudden deep motherly instinct that something was going to happen. I read Aayat-ul-kursi and began reciting Quraan, I held tightly onto my little girl. The next minute the car in front of us just suddenly made a U-turn on the main road and it was too late to stop and we collided. But  اَلْحَمْدُلِلّه Allah (swt) is so great that He saved my whole family, and there were no complications with my unborn baby.

However, as a precaution, I stayed overnight at the hospital, and it was my first time away from my daughter but she was in good hands with my loving husband and family. It was really difficult for me. The next day I just ran to her, held her tight and I didn’t want to let go. The love between a mother and her child is forever.

I soon stopped breast feeding her as she was 20 Months old (Islamicly a Mother breast feeds till 18 months).

Within another few months we were again faced with trials.

I lost someone that played a major role in my life since birth. My Dadi-ma, she was more than just a granny to my siblings and myself. It was on Eid morning and at this point I was seven months pregnant.

Even though it was a very painful and heartbreaking time, I came to many new realisations. As a muslim mother our responsibilities to our children are to teach and install Islamic values, good morals and beliefs, just as my gran did for us! Because what we leave in this world are our actions and what we have taught our children; for them to grow up and teach their children.

And the realisation that at the end, through every hardship, diffculty and trying time, it is faith in Allah that gives you the strenght and the ability to persevere.


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