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New School Adventures

New School Adventures

With holidays dwindling to an end, and the beginning of a new school year looming, Sister Anisa shares with us her feelings, fears and hopes as she sends her eldest child off to school for the very first time! This is what she has to say:

“It felt like it was just yesterday, when they had placed her into my arms.
It felt like it was just yesterday , when I looked into her big brown eyes.
It felt like it was just yesterday , when she stole my heart forever!

My sweet Husna, my first miracle. Not
only has my darling girl lived up to her name of being the most beautiful, most precious and most pious ,but she has been so so much more.

I can’t believe she’s already 4 years old, turning 5 next year insha-allah and starting school. Grade R is here already waiting to take her away on a whole bright new adventure. She’s going to start this chapter of her life on her own, without having mummy and daddy right there beside her, comforting her and making each lesson an easier one. One thing I don’t have to do is tell her to be brave, because I know she will be…

My baby! Today I watched her opening and closing her new purple glittered backpack about ten times now, watching her smile at her books covered in her choice of pink flowers and butterflies. While she chats to herself about the things she’s going to do, I get flashbacks of the articles I’ve read in the newspaper a few weeks ago, about how a child was abducted from her school, or the news headlines about kids being bullied.

Yes, I’m a typical mum! Its part of the mummy-manual to always have the ability to look at the good and look out for the bad in almost every situation from playing on the jungle gym to going to the beach. Please don’t get me wrong, I let my kids explore new and different things, I just always try my best to make sure that at this age of their lives I can protect them in every way ALLAH makes possible for me to do so.

Starting school ….I’m going to have to take a deep breath, as I know on the first day I’m going to be crying non-stop hoping that everything goes okay and having to come to terms that my little baby is growing up. The feelings I have are all very confusing. I’m really excited for her, and happy, yet sad. I didn’t realize when my parents would always say “Time flies ” , trust me it really does. I have proof now 😉 lol.

All I can do is make dua that my Husna has an awesome schooling experience and studies hard and Insha-allah becomes whatever she wishes to. I know that I may not be able to be with her every step of the way but ALLAH is and always will be.

Something my parents have always thought my siblings and I is that no matter what you do in life, or whatever you become, always remember that ALLAH comes first!

Please I request duas for me to be strong and not embarrass my Husna on her first day of

Advice for my baby doll would be
” Don’t you ever let anybody put you down, ‘coz you are my little angel”


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