“They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.” ~Confucius

I know that I’ve been excessively tardy over the last 2 months! Not a single new blog post and for that I apologise. Its not that there’s been nothing new to write about. Quite contrary in fact… there have been so many changes in my life over what seems like a relatively short time, that honestly I have had no time to write at ALL.

The first big change was the death of my beloved grandfather. It was sudden and completely unexpected. Today in fact marks exactly 1 month since he passed on, and the void left by his absence is as apparent today as it was the day he breathed his last. He was an incredibly wonderful man, and will be forever missed. I humbly ask for prayers for my family and especially my beautiful gran, that we may learn to live with the sadness, and more importantly always embrace his legacy of happiness, family and joy.

The second major change is that I’ve returned to the world of formal employment. After almost 10 years as a stay-home and work-from-home mum. There obviously had to be a few big changes along the way to accomadate this. One of those being that I have had to stop the playgroup, however I still teach madressa on a Saturday morning. Another change, has been that I’ve deleted my public Facebook page. I just don’t have the energy to do it properly. I will continue to blog here if and when I get a chance.

The adjustment from stay-home mum to working mum has thus far been a smooth transition. Mostly due to fact, that I’ve become such a planner. I think organisation is key to success in any situation. Moreso when your time with your family is limited. This way I get to actually enjoy our time together, without stressing the details.

Surprisingly and certainly re-assuring, is the fact that the children have handled this major change without any serious hiccups. Perhaps a testament to my success at parenting thus far? (Eternal optimist still! Lol ) That being said, its early days yet, so again, I humbly ask for your thoughts and prayers as I venture out into a new chapter…

Price Pritchett said “Change always comes bearing gifts.”
I sure hope so, InShaAllah ♡


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