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Almost time again…

So Alhamdulillah, the countdown to the blessed days of Ramdaan, are upon us again. And while I’ve been talking to the kids a lot about the upcoming month of blessings, today we did our first Ramadaan craft.

An extra-large signboard for our front door. Seeing as we live in a predominantly non-muslim area, not only is this great fun for the Little People, it also helps to inform our neighbours of this special time. By almost advertising the advent of Ramadaan, it also gives permission in a subtle way and invites others to ask questions.

Who knows? Maybe, just maybe, a piece of childrens artwork, could actually lead someone to learn more about our Deen, and maybe, just maybe, they too will be guided to the Siratul-Mustakeem. An on that note, of extreme optimism, that’s how I plan on looking towards this Ramadaan.
Having optimism in Allah’s mercy, love, forgiveness and kindness!

Ya Allah, bless us all with abundant barakah, continue to guide us, and allow us to see the beautiful month of Mercy once again!


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