Arts and crafts

Ramadaan for kids!

As expected at this time of year, the most searched-for posts are Ramadaan activities for children. So to make it a little easier, I’ve collected some of my most-popular Ramadaan related arts and crafts here.

Instead of the usual monthly calendar, we made this fun ‘Moon cycle calendar’ All of the materials are simple household items, and this particular craft has the added advantage of teaching the Little People about the lunar cycle.
Usually in the build-up to Ramadaan we also make decorations Ramadaan to ‘dress up our home’ This is a great way to build up childrens excitement to this beautiful month. Here’s a simple example, which can also be easily adapted as Eid decor.
Ramadaan is a time of fun and activities for children, but when you get an opportunity to make it a learning experience too, we really should give a go. Click here for another simple idea that can be appealing and challenging to almost any age-group.

Something else which I do with the kids every year, is to choose a theme. Last year our theme was ‘Shukr, Gratitude’ so everyday, the Little People and I kept what we called a ‘Shukr Journal’ The original post can be found here

Last year, both my Little People were quite ill, and so much didn’t go according to plan. My ‘Ideal Ramadaan’ was not to be, and just when I was beginning to feel despondent a dear friend shared with me an email that she received. It helped me shed that feeling of despondence and appreciate what was. So this Ramadaan, I’d like to share this info with all parents, before we reach that place of negativity!

InShaAllah, stay tuned for this years activities and fun times. And please feel free to share your child-friendly Ramadaan tips and tricks. We’d love to hear from you!


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