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Jar of Kindness

This morning I was pleasantly surprised to get a notification email, congratulating me on my 1 year blogging anniversary! In this time, there’s been just over 3000 views on this blog, which for me is completely overwhelming, and very humbling. So to all of you who’ve read my ramblings, thoughts, random comments and followed along my journey of parenthood, 3000 THANK YOUS!!!

And in honour of that, I’m sharing a post that I was actually keeping until after Ramadaan. Our theme for this year is KINDNESS
I took a simple jar, and asked the children to decorate it.
Then I found Quraanic aayah, hadeeth, and stories of kindness. I even included general English definitions of the word, as well as short stories of kindness as displayed by Nabi(saw) and the sahaba… 30 in total.

This I cut into 30 strips and we folded each one and placed it into the bottle. Every evening just before we open our fast, the kids take turns to pick a note, and Husband or I read it out, and explain it to the children.

Here’s a few examples of what’s in our Kindness Jar:

•“Worship Allah and do not ascribe partners to him, and be kind to your parents.”
(Quraan 4:36)

•On the authority of Abu Hamzah Anas bin Malik (RA), the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said :
“None of you will believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.”
(Related by Bukhari & Muslim)

•One old woman made a habit of throwing rubbish on Prophet Muhammad (salAllahu alayhi wsalam) whenever he passed from her house! Muhammad (salAllahu alayhi wsalam) had to pass that house daily on the way to the mosque.
Even when the old woman threw rubbish on him, he would pass silently without showing any anger or annoyance. This was a regular, daily event.

One day when the Prophet was passing by, the woman was not there to throw the rubbish. He stopped, and asked the neighbour about her well-being, and wondering why she wasn’t dropping any rubbish on him.

The neighbour informed the Prophet that the woman was sick on bed. The Prophet politely asked permission to visit the woman. When allowed he entered the house, the woman thought that he had come there to take his revenge when she was unable to defend herself because of sickness.

But the Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wsalam) assured her that he had come to her, not to take any revenge, but to see her and to look after her needs, as it was the command of Allah that if any one is sick, a Muslim should visit him and should help him if his help is needed.

The old woman was greatly moved by this kindness and love of the Prophet. By the example of greatness of Muhammad, she understood that he was truly the Prophet of God and Islam was the true religion. She accepted Islam at once, Alhamdulilah.

This is wonderful way of teaching so many different subjects, but still keep the Little People interested. The constant repetition of the theme also reinforces the concept of Kindness.

Once again, a very sincere note of thanks, to all who take the time out to read my blog


6 thoughts on “Jar of Kindness

  1. Assalaamu alaikum. This is a wonderful idea, masha’Allah! My little one is just 2 but I would love to do this with him when he is a little older, insha’Allah. Jazakillahu khairan, and may Allah bless you and your family – ameen.


    1. InShaAllah, when he’s older you can do this. There’s a variety of topics you could adapt it to as well, for example: shukr, 99 names of Allah, names of the Prophets in the Quraan ect.

      If you scroll down a bit, there’s a post on nirsery rhymes where the lyrics have been changed to suit muslim parenting. That might be something fun for you to do with your little one in the meantime 🙂

      Thank you for commenting, and Ameen to your Duaas ❤


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