Poetry by Moi!

Freedom will come

I wrote this poem almost 15 years ago, when I was still in school, but it amazes and saddens me at how relevant it still is, more especially over the last 2 weeks

    His Time Will Come

The bruises show on his body
The hurt grows in his heart
The pain shows on his face
The ache intensifies in his soul

The tears never-ending
The cries never-ceasing

He watches the horror
He watches the destruction
He knows it can change
He has the determination

His mother hopes he will grow into a man big and strong
She hopes it will be his generation who will see the freedom for which she has longed

But for now he is a child
A child without time
A child surrounded by crime
He is a child in Palestine!

#FreedomforPalestine #Peace_for_all; #Equality_for_humanity


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