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Learning curves

Over the past few weeks and months, I’ve learnt so much about myself, my friends, my life…

I’ve learnt that I care about strangers, that I can recognise humanity, that I feel compassion, that I can differentiate between right and wrong, that I can stand up and shout in support for what I believe in, that I can unfriend and not look back on those who have blinkers on and prefer to keep their heads buried in the sand.

I’ve learnt that people sometimes prefer to live in their little boxes, and when confronted with the ugly reality of humanities crimes are so perturbed that they prefer to live in ignorance, and if this is what they choose, there’s not a thing I can do to make them reconsider.

I’ve learnt that I am the only one I can rely on to overcome my fears. No one can do it for me… I’ve learnt that trying, and trying and trying again, is more satisfying than imagining its too hard. I’ve tasted the sweetness of small successes and now yearn for greater victories.

I’ve learnt that the pain of others truly does hurt my heart, but their victories truly causes it to soar again. I’ve learnt to find joy in other peoples lives, and this adds to the joy in my own.

I’ve learnt that when it all feels too much, too overwhelming, too scary, too depressing, too sad, I do better when I acknowledge those emotions and work through them. Surpressing the sad simply causes it to erupt in other ways, and eruptions are never good. More importantly, I’ve learnt that feeling the negative, helps me to identify and feel good better.

I’ve learnt to put myself out there, to display my talents, and be brave in doing so. Rejection stings as it always does, but the feeling of accomplishment is a soothing balm. I’ve always taught the importance of saying ‘Thank you’ to my children, but hearing the words echoed back through the universe to me is rewarding. Thanks yous matter! Hearing people sincerely thank you is heart-warming and humbling!

I’ve learnt that as much as I’ve learnt in life and of life thus far, I still haven’t even scratched the surface of knowledge. I’ve learnt that I want to learn… More and more everyday!


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