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My list of 10!

list of 10

As we’re almost winding down to the end of another academic year, I find myself simultaneously surprised at how quick another year has gone by, at how much the kids have grown, and at how in the moment, I may have been frustrated and annoyed or clueless but somehow I’ve managed to pull through, and Alhamdulillah the children are well, healthy, and thriving!

Life not be perfect, but they’re safe, they’re happy, and that’s so much more than most have in this day and age. Allah knows, that despite my best efforts I’m so far away from being a perfect parent, but I try… and together me, my husband and my kids have so much to be thankful for! As I was reading through most of the mommy-blogs that I follow, Ive found many focused on things that theyre grateful for, and I found myself wondering what my list would look like. I will admit though that I would not be able to get through most days without some necessities, and so here they are… Some are frivolous, some are essential, some are soul-lifting and some just silly. But here’s my list of my daily mummy essentials:

  1. The Quraan! At Husbands suggestion, we try to find some time each day, to recite quraan together as a family. Even though, Im not Arabic speaking and miss most of the actual message, just reciting Quraan is soothing, and calming and meditative. I usually try to find some time later in the day to find the translation of the passage I’ve recited, but even if I don’t manage to, its what soothes my heart, and gives me that boost I need to face another day. Just sitting together as a family, and reading Allah’s words is a true bonding experience.

  2. Coffee! Thats pretty self-explanatory right? Coffee is just an essential part of the day!

  3.  My childrens teachers. We’ve been so blessed this year with the most wonderful teachers. Theyre the most inspiring, patient and amazing people I have ever encountered. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’d know that we live in a very muslim minority area, and Little Man especially had a hard time fitting in. His awesomely incredible teacher started the year off with a cultural awareness week, to make life easier for him. In that first week of school already, I loved her!

  4. Books! They’re my escape from an otherwise rushed world. I get to peek into the minds and lives and adventures of others. And for those few moments of stolen quiet when I actually get to indulge in reading. Plus I’m grateful that so far, it seems like I’ve successfully managed to transfuse this love of written word into my children as well. Also those few minutes before bedtime, when Little Miss insists I read to her!

  5. My husband ❤ My partner, my rock, my strength! There is no other person on this planet that I would choose to go on this journey of parenthood with. You are an incredibly hands on father and our children are so blessed to be able to call you Daddy. Your enthusiasm when you examine a drawing of a Ninja Turtle and give suggestions on how to make it better, your willingness to be a mannequin when your little girl wants to braid your beard, and decorate it with purple flower clips, your ability to sit and talk and teach and explain, your patience, your wisdom, just YOU!

  6. Slippers 🙂 When at the end of a hard long day, coming home, kicking off my shoes and putting on a pair of fluffy blue soft comfy slippers.

  7. My children! Their smiles, their voices, their walk, their hugs, their stories, their kisses, their nonsense, their giggles, just them!

  8. My friends and family. Those who are moms and those who aren’t. Those who make me laugh and those who make me cry. Because you make life interesting, and everyday I learn more about me through you. The good times together and the bad ones, have given me the new perspectives, new lessons and have caused me to grow.

  9. Chocolate..and ice cream…and chocolate ice-cream :p

  10. Faith! Knowing that this is exactly where Allah has destined for me to be. In this moment, in this place, right here, right now. Not just believing that Allah can, knowing that He will! Sometimes just knowing that the most important blessing we have to count, is the fact that by His will, we still have a heartbeat. Another chance to be grateful, to fix our mistakes, to say I love you, another heartbeat, another chance!


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