Moments of Mummy clarity


You would think that me already having a child in school for the last few years would ease my anxiety at this time of year, right? Well it hasn’t!

This time around not only is Little Man starting a new school, but Little Miss too is officially starting her phase of formal education, with Grade R. ( The South African equivalent of Kindergarten) One advantage though, is that theyll both be in the same school.

With the almost never ending lists of school uniforms, and PE requirements, and the stationery lists almost accomplished, Im still nervous.

I hope and pray that they will be spared the bullying that new kids sometimes face. I hope and pray they’ll be ok with having left friends behind, and that they’ll make new friends fast. I hope and pray they both excel at school, and are selected to the school cricket team or soccer team or whatever other team they want to try out for. Above all else, I hope and pray that school is FUN! That they make friends who make them laugh so hard their tummies hurt. That their teachers teach amazing lessons that make their eyes widen in wonder, that they enjoy sports days, and swimming galas, and community walks, and sticky bake sales.

I hope they have teachers who know that even though Little Miss might sound very grown up at 5 years old, by using words like ‘Apologise’ and ‘Terrifying’ and ‘Conversation’ she still wants her faded pink teddy bear when she falls asleep at night, and that they understand that while kids in grade 4 like Little Man, want to treated like grown-ups, they are still fragile, and that even though he tells me at home “No hugs and kisses at school, ok?” he’s the one who volunteers the hugs first…

But then I realise it takes a very special kind of human being to dedicate their lives to teaching young ones, and that every fear I have they’ve probably heard echoed numerous times by numerous other parents. And so instead of walking into the classroom armed with a list of instructions this year, I’m going to give it a try being the ‘easy-going’ parent and say “Good morning, this is Little Man/Miss, Im his/her mom” Maybe insert smile her…and then “Wheres his/her seat?” Optimism people…optimism! Everythings going to be A-ok!!!

Maybe that should be my new years resolution: LESS STRESS! TRUST IN ALLAH!

INSHA-ALLAH!!! 😀 Ameeeeeeeeeeeen


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