Moments of Mummy clarity

Winning parents

With the recent events in #chapelhill and the tragic loss of Deah, Yusor and Razan, I find myself in awe at the lives these people lived. They were without a doubt, gifted, talented, kind, generous, loving, wonderful people. Whilst I may not have known them personally, and there’s more than an ocean and a continent or two separating us, I continue to be inspired by the way they lived their lives.

Watching recent interviews with Deahs siblings, and Yusor and Razans brother, I realise the whilst #ourthreewinners were undoubtedly headed for greatness, their siblings seem to possess the exact same qualities. I recognise that yes, Deah and Yusor and Razan were accomplished in their own right, so are their siblings, but this nurturing and guidance towards the path of goodness can only have been instilled by their parents, Mr and Mrs Abu-Salha, and Mr and Mrs Barakat.

I can only imagine their homes having being filled with strong Islamic principles which were instilled into the children at a young age, lots of love and a very strong family bond. Even in their times of what must be unbearable grief, and whilst calling for justice, they still re-iterate that they want no revenge, no anger, no more evil! How amazing people must these parents be to have raised such brilliant children who were not only academically minded, but also so strong in faith and had such passion for giving back to those in need. The seeds of such actions had to have planted and pruned and nurtured by equally incredible parenting.

When a child is born, we hear the oft-repeated dua ‘May he/she be a flag-bearer for this Deen’ and in my community that’s usually interpreted as becoming an aalim/hafidh/imam, however, as so clearly shown in the past weeks, one can be a doctor, or a dentist or an architect. You can be anything you want (within the limits of shariah) and for as long as you live your life according to Islamic principles you can be a shining example of what muslim means. It is said that the greatest testament to a persons life is what people say of him/her after their demise. These 3, not only lived their lives with goodness, but in their passing too, continue to be a source of unity and new hope, for a world filled with less hatred.

I can only hope and pray that Allah in His infinite Mercy grants the bereaved parents and families sabrun jameel. May He fill their graves with light, the way they brought light to the lives of those they knew. and that He guides us to be able to raise our children in such a noble manner, so that they too leave such shining legacies. Ameen


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