Hijabi Fashionista or Modest Hijabi: You Decide

A very well-written article!

Hijabi Does Life

I know this topic is one that couldland me in hot water. So I’ll begin by stating my intention for writing on such a controversial topic.The purpose of this post is to raise awareness among my beloved sisters as well as serve as a reminder and agent of change for myself. I have fallen prey (and still do sometimes!) to wanting to live up to the modern societal expectation of what a woman should outwardlyappear to be .

I was browsing through my Instagram today, after over a month of not visitingthe little brown icon on my phone, when I started clicking on links and hashtags of ‘hijabi fashionistas’.Many of them have launched fully fledged clothing lines and regularly post their outfit of the day (#ootd) to inspire their followers and promote their pieces. The more I traveled down the link-click wormhole, the more I realised how the immense pressure…

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