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Ramadaan Crescent Boardgame

In my attempt at teaching Islam as more than just a series of rules, I’ve always striven to include the ideology that Islam is fun! Being a Muslim is cool! More especially in a society that constantly attempts to draw our children and youth away from faith by presenting other ways of life as tempting, as entertaining and as enticing, we as parents NEED to go the extra mile to prove them wrong.
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It is with this in mind that I’ve put together a board game about Ramadaan!

This is a fun, easy game, that is not just entertaining but also teaches basic Islamic concepts. Its simple enough for even preschoolers, yet entertaining enough even for adults.

Ideally it should be printed on a 2 x A3 sheets of paper, but can be printed on 2 A4 sheets as well (although it might look a little squashed). It includes the game tokens, question cards, and the game board. The only thing that you will need is a dice.

The full game including rules and tokens can be downloaded by clicking : Ramadaan Game.

Even though this game was designed specifically for Muslim families and kids, it will be quite educational for people of other faith to learn a little more about Ramadaan as well. For a “glossary” of some of the Arabic words and terminology used in the game, click here.

I hope this game is beneficial for you and your family this Ramadaan.

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