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My people

Ive been very quiet over the past few days. Alhamdulillah I was able to travel to my parents home for the last week of Ramadaan and to spend Eid with them. Making the effort was especially worthwhile this year, as it was the first time in about 4 years that I was able to be home for Eid.

Something amazing happens when you step into your childhood home. Almost as though all the stresses and worries of the world dissolve and evaporate! I will always be thankful for the extra hugs and cuddles with my beautiful nieces and nephews, long chats with my parents, midnight giggles with my sister, family warmth and love and joy, talks with my gran, shopping with my mum, sighting the new moon for Eid with my Dad from my brothers home, while he my husband and brother in law braaied chops for our iftaar, watching my children bond with their cousins…just all of the little things that we so often take for granted, but all the things that make up family!

And it was these moments that gave inspiration to the following:

I sit and contemplate
The beauty
The miracle
The belonging
The people
The tall ones;the short ones
The funny ones
The cooks;the bakers
The intellectuals;the spirituals
The athletes; the creatives
The outspoken;the shy
The lawyer; the book-keeper
The architect; the business people
The always happy
The quick to tears; quick to laughter

Those who know us from our first breaths
Those we know from theirs
Those who loved us from our first moments
Those we love from theirs
Those who balanced us from our first steps
Those we balanced from theirs
Those who shaped us from us our first words
Those we shaped from theirs

And so the circle of life continues
And through it all
The strands that make up the one
Are interwoven
and cross stitched
And threaded together
And hemmed
And altered
And adjusted
And sewn
and woven again

And these individual colours
And textures
And feels
And lengths
Come together to form
What we call home
And it protects our wounds
And comforts in the cold
And spreads happiness
Like a blanket at a picnic
It is who we are
And what we are
It is how we define ourselves
And where we belong
It is family!

Alhamdulillah for this incredible blessing ❤


25 thoughts on “My people

  1. Aww masha’Allah! Sounds so lovely ! Something about staying up all night and chatting with your siblings – priceless
    Hope you had an amazing Eid !


  2. Well-captured in words! I think you had a smashing Eid get-together!! 🙂 Eid Mubarak once again from my family to yours!!


  3. Masha’Allah this is beautiful. I wish I could have that kind of family! Unfortunately as a convert my relationship with my Mother is pretty strained nowadays since she remarried and became super religious. I miss those days of being comfortable with my own family. Now it’s like a stranger’s house. 😦


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