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Must have book for every Muslim home!

As much as we’d like to, to a certain degree try to keep our children cocooned and away from the nastiness of life, we can’t do it forever. Firstly because its not very practical and secondly because it may just be doing them a greater disservice. Due to an unfortunate combination of politics and the way our news media works, so many people, including muslims ourselves, have inaccurate or limited pictures of Islam and Muslims. And so the question arises, how then do we help our young ones to survive, nay to thrive in a climate where Islamophobia is rife?

Simple! Arm them with as much history and info as possible to dis-spell any false negativity aimed at them.One of the ways in which we can do that is getting this book.

1001 Inventions and Awesome FACTS from Muslim Civilization

by National Geographic


1001 back

This book is an invaluable resource in helping to teach our children to be proud of our heritage. As an avid reader and history enthusiast myself, I did know that Muslims are responsible for all sorts of advances in math and science. But this book went beyond algebra and astrolabes and covers so many other topics  that I didn’t know about. It encompasses math, science, art, architecture, food, medicine, transport, civil development, and even fashion to name a few.

The book itself is not a very ‘easy’ read ie not generally something that can be read cover to cover, however it is a charming book to page through every now and again. That being said, the illustrations are bright, and colourful and very vividly capture the context, making this a very welcoming book. The design also makes a beautiful coffee-table book!

Whilst generally aimed at older children, or those who are independent readers, even the younger children seem to be quite captivated by the graphics and general layout, and this leads to questions about the text itself. Even more wonderful, is the fact that it would easily lend itself to the even older, perhaps even teen group.

Books like this are important to remind us of positive influences that Islam has had on the world, and that today’s Muslims are heirs to a brilliant civilization. We have an obligation to appreciate that and live up to it in our own lives now. This book is a must-have in every muslim home. It is absolutely bursting to the seams with wonderful information and is certainly one that can be classified as edu-tainment!


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20 thoughts on “Must have book for every Muslim home!

  1. wow! thank you so much for introducing me to this super cool book. I can’t agree with you more- Muslims, especially Muslim children have no pride in their Islamic identity. Insha’Allah learning about how valuable we are to science etc will change that.


  2. Assalamu alaikom sister,
    I believe I read a book like this (or maybe it was this) before in a library, and they are very informative and I recommend them to be read by anyone of all ages.

    JazakAllah khair for sharing


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