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Poem: His Signs


When your lips quiver with whispered duaas
And your heart overflows with gratitude
And His signs are made manifest
So clear

When the sun rises again
And our prayers travel to the heavens
From the earth
And your heart beats again
And you feel secure
In the embrace of love
And you breathe again
And your eyes look to the skies
When the fragmented wishes
Become tangible reality

Why then do we dismay
When of His signs
Is the Truth
That this too shall pass
Why then do we doubt
When of His signs
Is the Truth
That with hardship comes ease

Subhu-hun Qudoos
Rabbuna wa Rabbul Malaa-ika-tihi
Lord of my Soul!
Let me trust in your Signs!

This poem was written as part of the monthly writing prompt by Muslimah Bloggers. The theme for this month is Grow, and this particular piece is for me, about growing in faith, in belief, in hope!

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