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Stories of Miracles

pillarsSo with the days of Hajj approaching, that’s going to be our theme for the next month in terms of our Islamic studies. I’ve broken it down into different sections to make easier for the children to absorb and learn, and also to keep the lessons interesting.

Here’s the action plan that I’ve come up with…

Islamic History. We’re going to do a different story each week.
1. Story of Nabi Ibraheem as a child, when he broke the idols and was thrown into the fire.
2. Story of Hajar searching for water, and the miracle of zamzam.
3. Story of Nabi Ibraheem and Nabi Ismaeel building the Kaaba in Makkah.
4. The story of the sacrifice and how Jibreel (as) brought down the ram.

I’m going to use the Madressa textbooks I’ve purchased, as well as the books ‘Quraan stories for kids’ from Goodword books. Each story will be followed with a craft and/or related art activity. Little Man knows all of these, and Little Miss has some knowledge as well. (Having been for Umrah already helps them to ‘see’ the places and put things in perspective)

For Fiqh, we’ll be focusing on the travels and the places visited during the days of Hajj (Mina, Arafah, Muzdalifah) . I’ll be sharing a printable on this soon InShaAllah.
For Little Man, we’ll also be focusing on some Hajj terminology, such as Ihraam, Tawaaf, Tashreeq ect.

We will also discuss the final sermon of Nabi Muhammed (saw) delivered during his Hajj. The words may be well over 1400 years old, but are as relevant today as they ever were and is of utmost importance that our children are aware of it.

Then for the fun bit! 😀
When we were little, my mum taught us a rhyme, that I’ve thought Little Man previously(I think he’s forgotten it!) but Little Miss is yet to learn it. The words, which actually make up a dua, are as follows:

‘Oh Allah take us all for Hajj
Show us the Prophets home
Help us to go to City Makkah
And touch the Holy Stone

Oh Allah hear my duaa today
Take me for Hajj I pray
Give me a drink from zamzam well
Before my dying day’

Also, Little Man loves reading excerpts from my Hajj Journal, so we’ll fit that it too somewhere along the way. It truly is a Journey like no other


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