Arts and crafts

Weekend projects

With cold, rainy weather forecasted, it was a stay-home weekend for us. It proved to be the perfect opportunity for me to stay indoors, snuggle up, and indulge in hot chocolate and popcorn… and to catch up on the many projects I never seem to have the time to do!

So whilst the kids made forts, and turned the lounge into a pirate ship, and then an alien planet, I seized the moment to disappear under a blanket and actually got to read a book uninterrupted! (Reviews to follow shortly)

Then later that day, it was time to clear out some of the cupboards. Its amazing how much we manage to accumulate and then the amount of time we have to spend organising it. I had a sizeable collection of all sorts of arts and crafts equipment. I can’t remember how long ago I had bought some of the stuff, or what exactly I was going to do with it! Some of the paints even grew a layer of mould…eeukk…and so I was throwing most of it out, when I stumbled, quite literally onto a pair of frames!

A few boxes later, I found this beautiful fabric, again with no recollection of where it was bought or precisely what for!
Once the cleaning out was completed, I decided that it would be quite appropriate to finish off the days activities with at least one completed craft project. (And the fabric was too beautiful not to put to good use)


So I measured it out the fabric, laid a piece of cardboard over the frame, stuck it onto the frame with regular craft clue, pulled the fabric tight over it, and this time using a glue gun and thumb tacks, secured it into place. Once that was done, I used simple stick-on embellishments for a little pop of colour, and voila new pieces to brighten up our walls. Plus its completely unique 🙂


Later on, I realised that this is actually a really clever to add some character and personality to almost any space. This would be especially useful for childrens’ rooms, and then when they outgrow their current interest you can adapt it. Its very versatile, and if and when you tire of one design and/or colour scheme, you can just remove the fabric and do it over.  Another positive is that its considerably cheaper than painting the room over and definitely easier than removing and re-applying wallpaper.


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