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Thank you ideas

If like me, these last few months have escaped you, and you now find yourself with just over 2 weeks left in the school year, and are scrambling for a gift for your kids teachers, Ive just found an awesome solution!

And the best part is, this is a gift idea that was in fact inspired by Little Miss’s teacher herself…Heres how that happened:

A few moms and myself were chatting in the morning as we do, when the teacher walked up to say hello, and we asked her, what with the holidays coming up, what she was looking forward the most. Her answer surprised me, but also highlighted what an amazing job teachers do… They dont just teach, especially not the little ones, they mother as well! From tying shoe laces, to wiping snotty noses, to fixing cuts and scrapes, and even celebrating birthdays and milk teeth falling out.

Teachers truly do mould and shape young minds, but they also cause little hearts to burst with excitement and adventure, and the really great ones amongst this noble group, have such love for what they do…that they in fact go months and months at a time without having a hot cup of tea or coffee! Thats exactly what Mrs. A said…The thing she looking forward to the most was just enjoying a cup of tea that isnt ice-cold!

And that comment led to this idea 😀


A travel thermal mug, sachets of fancy teabags, and some fancy coffee as well. Of course you need some yummy biscuits to go along with it.The thermal mug was purchased from Clicks. They have a fantastic range with lots of different colours to choose from between R 50 and R100. The biscuits were bought there as well.

So next year, hopefully, despite the numerous other very urgent morning matters such as fishing an alice band out of a tree, or buying a child a sandwich from the tuck shop because someone forgot his lunch bag in the car, Mrs A can still enjoy a hot cup of coffee.tea riffic teacerI also made this little card, which can be downloaded here.

On the back of the card, the kids are going to write their own personal notes to the teachers. Enjoy ladies, you’ve certainly earned it!

I also quite like that this idea doesn’t have to be limited to teachers, its really versatile and can be quite easily adapted for any circumstance.


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