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Global Muslim Mummy – Aneesa

The next contributor to our GLOBAL MUSLIM MUMMY  is Aneesa. She is a mum of 3 from Laudium, South Africa. Laudium is in fact a township on the outskirts of Pretoria, the capital city of South Africa. Because of the group areas act in apartheid South Africa, people of different races were made to live in separate areas. One of these areas is Laudium. However due to the abundance of muslims in the community, this actually was beneficial for the muslims, as they were free to establish musjids, Islamic schools, and perform religious activities.Whilst people today are now free to live where they like, most still choose to live in these areas. Laudium today still has a strong Islamic influence, and a thriving muslim culture.

global muslim mummy

These are Aneesa’s answers to the questions:

1. How many children do you have, and how old are they?

I have 3 kids , they are 9,7 and 4

2. What was your first reaction when you found out you were going to be a mum?

I was so excited, then terrified. I was only 19, newly wed, when I had my first child, and I kept thinking how am I going to keep this little being alive and put his needs before mine.

3. What was the most difficult part of your pregnancy?

I had terrible vitamin and mineral deficiency problems so I would be constantly tired , weak and suffered with cramps ….

4. How did you decide on your childrens names?

Mohammed Nabeel, I loved the name Nabeel and hubby wanted Mohammed. He always wanted to name his first son, after the prophet
Uwais , my dad and brother chose it
Laaiqah : We heard on radio Islam what a good meaning it has so we were happy with it …

5. How would you describe your parenting style?
Answer : ummm lol , I’m more of the disciplinarian while hubby is the calm and cool one , we can get down to their level and have fun and be silly, but they also know we are the parents, we are not their friends.

6. What has been the most challenging part of being a parent?

Ooh tough one , everyday is a challenge , having three kids with 3 different personalities has its ups and down , we sort of have to find a balance to make it work , being a parents has taken me on journey to finding myself.

7. What’s been the most rewarding part of being a parent?

Just watching them grow into these amazing little people, the smiles , the random hugs and kisses and I love you. Going to their school functions , hearing them read/ speak, knowing all your frustrations has been worth it.

8. How does being a Muslim influence your parenting decisions?

We are lucky enough to live in a Muslim area , they go to a Muslim school and madressah afterwards , so that makes parenting easier , but we do try to teach them we are Muslim before anything .

9. How do you instill Islamic identity into your children, in terms of lifestyle, education ect?

Like my previous post says , we are lucky enough to send them Islamic school , you take for granted hearing the Azaan , the Ramadan atmosphere, walking to the mosque with neighbors and friends.
But even at home , we let them watch you tube videos about Islam ( we live in a technology world now and that gets their attention so use it for good ) we talk a lot about prophets , read Islamic books for kids. Inshallah my son wants to become a hafez so remember him in your duaa’s.

10. As a parent, what is the most oft-repeated dua that you make for your children?

Oh Allah grant my kids health, happiness. Oh Allah make it easy for them to become hafez , Qaari , mufti , let them one day inshallah become the imaam of the beloved mosque of the prophet (saw). Let them always have love for the Quraan , understand it and be proud to be Muslims, never let them forsake their Deen. May their always be love and unity between my kids…

11. What advice would you offer to other parents?

Do what works best for you , don’t worry about other people , go with the flow and enjoy every moment with them , you will never get that time back.

12. And to end off on a lighter note, share with us your favourite parenting quote/joke/meme ?

I have tooooo many lol

But quote would be “its not about having time , it’s about making time ”
I see too often these days , parents buying their kids anything they want but spend no time with them.


 Jazakallah for sharing Aneesa. May Allah accept all your duaas for your children, ameen.

And I absolutely agree with your answer to question 12. Presence is so much more important than presents. 


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