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Back to school

So with most families winding down the holidays, and into routine again, the back to school atmosphere starts to emerge. This is of course kick started by the list of back to school requirements and shopping for them! Last Wednesday, I went shopping for the kids school uniforms, and whilst this is usually a chore I dread, it looks like I’ve finally found a plan to make it a stress free experience. And even better, I got everything I needed for BOTH children in 1 shopping trip!


Here are my top ten tips:

  1. Make a list of what each child needs.
  2. Dont forget to add PE uniforms and takkies.
  3. Check pamphlets and websites for prices. Compare prices to see what fits your budget.
    The most popular stores seem to be Ackermans, Jet, Pep, Woolworths, and Edgars. [If there are certain items with the school emblem on, that you have to buy from the school (in most cases, there are!) remember to factor this into the budget as well. School staff and uniform shops are usually open a few days before school starts, so call ahead to reserve the right size for your child.]
  4. I don’t suggest buying online in this case, as sizes vary, so trying them on before purchasing is important.
  5. Cheaper isn’t always better! Speaking from experience here, these uniforms are meant to last the better part of a year, and the last thing you want to contend with are hems unraveling or zips breaking in the middle of a school week.
  6. When buying school shoes, rather opt for a size bigger, so there’s room for growth.
  7. Even though the kids might be excited about going shopping for uniforms, they still lose interest rather quickly. Take another adult with if possible, when shopping for 2 or more children, and assign one adult per list.
  8. If you’ve got the patience…or can bribe the kids with a milkshake to buy yourself another 20 minutes, get the slunchboxe, school bags, juice bottles, lunch bags (if you use them) and pencil boxes!
  9. Get the uniform shopping done at least a week before school starts. That way, if you have to shorten length of pants / take it in at the waist ect you have more than enough time to do so.
  10. Even though most schools have a separate summer and winter uniform, and you won’t need the full winter uniform until mid-second term, buy at least a drimac or jacket now. Its been 2 years in a row that the first day of school turned out to be rainy.

IMG-20151229-01336.jpgAnd perhaps most importantly, be flexible! Acknowledge that even though you might like a certain brand/style its your child who is going to wear it all year! Take their opinion, and their comfort into consideration. Make it an exciting day, because honestly this is the point at which a new school year with all the adventures, and lessons, and excitement, and learning really begins!

Good luck moms…(and dads) πŸ˜€


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