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Book review: The Ducktrinors- Hanifa, Book 1 by Papatia Feauxzar

So I finally got a chance to do some reading during the holiday, and here’s a review of one of the books.

FB_IMG_1452716897215This book is one of the most original works of Muslim fiction I have come across. Veering away from the usual, it’s set in a time that is almost the end of the world. It reads very much like a sci-fi novel, with futuristic gadgets and gizmos and incredible technological advances, however there is still a heavy dose of Islamic references. It’s a first book in what promises to be an interesting series. It dares to imagine what Islam might be in the faroff future.

In the period the story is set in, almost all religion has been outlawed, and secularism is the order of the day. Those who are active followers of religion are persecuted, and always on the run. The protagonist of the story Hanifa, is from a muslim family, who are secretly practising their faith. The story follows her as the family relocates to a new city, and she finds herself at a school, where she has to hide her religion. Without specifically saying so, it hints towards the fact, that borders, or at least traditional goverments have fallen away, and have instead been replaced by an international secular head. Hanifa decides to challenge the status quo, and drama and suspense ensue.

Its very hard to classify the book according to just one genre, as it has very surprising twists and turns and the storyline is interesting, albeit a little disconcerting to read in places, with parts of the story reading like a spy thriller.
I think it would make entertaining reading for ages 13 upwards, as some of the details and descriptions might be a little too gory or graphic for younger readers.

Overall the story is unique, and the writing style is very fast paced. It will be certainly be interesting to see where the author, Papatia Feauxzar takes the story in the rest of the series.

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